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Cultural Vistas STEM LAUNCH Study Tour program 2020


Since 2013, Cultural Vistas has provided Spelman College and Morehouse College students and school members with a firsthand check out global prospects within the fields of science, technology, engineering, and arithmetic through the STEM Learning and Understanding New Career Horizons (LAUNCH) tour of Germany, made possible through the generous support of The Halle Foundation.

Cultural Vistas provides students and school members of Spelman and Morehouse Colleges with the chance to find out about the STEM fields in Germany. With the support of The Halle Foundation, students from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) based within the state of Georgia can apply for the STEM LAUNCH Study Tour program, which began in 2018.

Degree Level: Bachelors
Award: the bulk of the program costs (airfare, accommodations, travel within Germany, activities, and logistical support before departure and upon re-entry) are covered through The Halle Foundation’s generous grant.
Deadline: TBA



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